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130 Cards

Choose Colours With A Deck of Cards

Better and more flexible than CMYK colour charts and fan-style swatch books.

And no subscription required. Download the free swatch files (for Adobe CC).

130 Cards, Millions Of Combinations

Choose Colours And Make Colour Schemes – Whatever The Project

Swatchos are a box of 130 cards to help you choose and work with colours. And because they are swatch cards they're perfect for moving around to create colour schemes for your project – whatever the project might be.

Use Your Hands

Swatchos were created for your hands. They're designed to be played with, mixed up and enjoyed. Get away from your screen for a moment and enjoy the process.

Hi! I just received my Swatchos. I just wanted to say how brilliant they are and thank you for coming up with this amazing idea!

Mary M. (USA)

How can you use Swatchos?

The cards can be used in so many different ways and I'm sure people will see uses in them that I didn't even imagine. Here are just a few ideas:

Choose a group of CMYK colours for a logo

Choose RGB colours for a website project or app design

Plan colours for a room in a house

Plan colour choices for a painting

Teach colour theory

Choose CMYK colours for print and know how they’ll look

Plus more...

Use your hands to create

Millions of Combinations

There are millions of combinations you can create with a pack of Swatchos. And that's just using the front colours. When you use the back colours as well the number of combinations gets really ridiculous.


2 colour combinations


3 colour combinations


4 colour combinations


5 colour combinations

The Problem With Colour Books

Better Than Fan Style Colour Books

Colour books have one major issue. All the colours are stuck in one book. So if you want to put two colours next to each – you can't.

That's why Swatchos are individual cards. That's on purpose. They're designed to be played with, to be shuffled, to be mixed up.

Set your colours free.

How Swatchos Got Started On Kickstarter

How It Began: 100% Crowd Funded In 24hrs

Colour Accuracy

Swatchos have been designed to be as colour accurate as possible. The cards themselves have been designed using the FOGRA39 colour profile which keeps the colour between the designer (me) and the printer as accurate as possible. The conversion of the those colours to RGB has also been carried out in a controlled way from CMYK FOGRA39 to sRGB.

To make working with Swatchos even easier you can download the FREE swatch files here...

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