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Andy Brown

Basallt [bas-salt] is Andy Brown. I'm a maker of things by heart and a graphic designer by training.

That's led me to create products for creatives like The Print Handbook and Swatchos.

And it's why I love helping businesses and their people be the best they can be by creating well crafted logos and rock solid websites.

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Podcast Interviews

I've had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed on a couple podcasts in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Now you can have a listen in as well...

Ian Paget from The Logo Geek podcast interviews me about "Launching a Design Product with Kickstarter"

I also had a lovely chat with Liam Jackson and Caz Cusumano from See Through Design about loads of stuff in this episide – "Developing a Product for designers, colour, print design & ‘Swatchos’"

Thousands of sales across the world

I Know What It Takes To Sell

Selling products or services is really hard. And I know.

I've been designing and creating my own products for over 10 years. I've been selling them online to fellow creatives across the globe.

So if you need to work with someone who knows graphic design but also understands that design has a job to do then I might be the person for you.

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Want to chat through a future project? Get in touch. We can have a conversation to see what's possible. And if I can't help then I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Give me a call on +44 (0)7890 39233

or send me an email at