The Print Handbook Site

The Print Handbook website receives around 22,000 visits per month. The resources section accounts for about 90% of these visits.

This information is up to date at time of writing (March 2017). If you need more recent statistic then get in touch.

What You Get

You will be given a sponsored article spot on the resources section home page (

Your article is guaranteed to live on our home page for at least one year. Honestly though I'd expect it to be on there much longer, but I just want to be clear about what you are guaranteed.

You can obviously include links to your own site, but please don't go overboard. Two or three links maximum I imagine would be more than enough. But we're flexible so ask if you have an idea that needs more.

What We Need

To get your article on the site we need a few things from you...

  • Firstly, the article should be between 600 and 1,000 words.
  • Supplied images need to be your own, or appropriate stock photos purchased.
  • Articles should be supplied as a simple text or Word file.
  • Images should be supplied separately and sent via email or Dropbox. Image position should be labeled in text file. For example [IMAGE 5 TO GO HERE]. Image size should be at least 1270 x 800px.
  • Where needed I may add an intro. Something like this... "[Your Company] got in touch recently. They specialise in [area of expertise] – something which I know very little about. But they are going to help us understand..."

Example Articles

Here are a selection of good example articles currently on the site:


Sponsored articles on our resources page cost £300 per article. This will need to be paid before the article is published.

Further Information

Once the article has been submitted we will read it through and make any suggestions or alterations as may be necessary. Then a preview of the article will be sent to you for your approval. Once you're happy with that and I have received payment I will make the article live.

If the article fits well with our social media followers then I may well mention it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well.

With that all in mind from the time you send the article we would estimate 1 or 2 weeks until it is live. This should give us enough time to make any changes if needed.

If you would like to submit an article or have any queries, please contact We look forward to it.